Cha Cha Cha

Last night was boring. Computer stuff. Boo. We are trying to migrate over 100GB of music from our old clunker computer to our new Mac in iTunes before it dies altogether, and admittedly don't quite know what we're doing. J didn't really look up how to and just did it, so I'm staying out of it and offering moral support cuz I have no idea what's going on and don't really want to. Thought we had it, but all the albums are alphabetical and not in track order. If I have to go through all 400+ albums and reorder them you will hear my screams from wherever you live, I assure you. Just a dull evening. I may have to do some online research as to how to to it properly, but I'm leaving that for a bit first and letting J do this - staying out of it for now. Trying to fix something in the middle sometimes isn't helpful. Instead I made muffins instead to occupy myself...blueberry cornmeal. They're yummy.

This AM I came in and got into the spin class. It was a good hard class and didn't bother my lower back much. I added in some lower back raises, side ab curls and hanging ab crunches at the end (which don't hurt my back, ha!) and I feel ready to go for the day. I finally sucked up enough nerve this AM to see what damage I did to myself over the holidays with my "eat all the things" mentality and I'm a bit relieved to know it was only 4 Lbs. That I can recover from. And so, I shall. :)

Tonight is buy all the foods day plus registration for this term's bellydance class and I am very excited. Now that I've redone the basics, I am going to try Oriental style, which I've never spent a lot of time with before. I'm looking forward to a new challenge. I'm also looking forward the fact that this class is at 730 PM instead of 6 like last term...much easier to get to after work and eat and all that jazz. There are a few friends I used to work with in the class too, so I'm looking forward to having more time to hang out with them and bellydance. I miss dancing.

Have a great day guys. Remember, when life tries to pull a fast one on you, just dance until you feel better. Cha cha cha! :)

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