doop dee doop doop....ching ching!

Last night's belly dance class was fun. We learned a short choreography to a classical drum solo. Complicated, but it's so much fun taking basic moves we know and putting them together. I'll need to practise or the moves will float right back out my ears and I'll forget them, but it makes you feel beautiful and fluid to move and sway and shimmy, sweeping your arms and hip dropping to the rhythms as a group. No pressure to be perfect - just to learn and enjoy the movement.
 *Loved* it.
My abs are starting to have definition  again, so I was proud to bring them out into the light for class. Dug out a choli top and old hip scarf too and saw my husband's eyes light up at the sight of me on my way to class. Softy he is. He loves the way I look in my belly dance gear.
Garsh! *blush*

Anyways...yeah. I'm in a good mood today. No real reason...just am. :)
Came in for yelly Mel and a particularly evil high tension spin class. It was hard and I pushed and sweated and, yet again, as much as I want to kill her while the class is on for pushing us, after I always feel invigorated and full of life and proud that I did it all and worked hard. I did 6 different ab/back exercises to cool down, with some nice stretching and was done done done.

Today is another glamourous day of putting sciency looking things in boxes and packing up laboratories for moving prep. Oh be still my geeky little heart...

Have a good day my good peeps :)


Yum Yucky said...

and I assume that shadowy dancer woman-pic you've included in this blawwg post is you. Correct? Yep, I thought so.

Miz said...

mommy and me BELLY DANCING was one of my fave.things.ever.