I is for ice cube

Tired. It looks like I may not be able to go to comicon this year since the friends I usually go with can't and the cost alone is too great...BUT...since I'm busy trying to figure out plans for going to Europe to present my MSc project at a conference I'm trying to be happy anyways because...well...Cool! I have to try and find a cheapish place to stay. Since my ticket and conference registration is being paid for we're gonna get one for J and he's gonna come along too and we're going to stay a few extra days and be tacky tourists. Meep! Spent time I should have on my paper looking up flights and hotels. Cuz I get to go to London in April. EEEEEEEEEE! :)

Other than that - it's a giant freezer here where I live. Dug out my ski pants last night because it was -33C before the wind and below -40C after this morning...could feel it through my winter gear. Brrr. I am strangely amused that we just go on as usual in this kinda weather. I don't mind taking the bus in this kinda cold. Thankfully my Dad is not driving down to visit in this weather - he's going to wait until it warms up on the weekend to come down to visit on his birthday. So I called him and sang happy birthday instead :)

This morning I got up and bundled up like a sausage and came in for sculpt class. It was a good class and now I have some work to do. I'm trying to find some old little lab things no one wants for my little niece who is almost 5. Lily has decided she's a scientist and wants to do "experiments" in her room so I'm going to try and find some eye droppers and little beakers and stuff. I even have a Dr. Zed's book of experiments for kids that I got way back when I was a kid from Owl magazine that I'll send her way. I love that my sis in law encourages her girls to play and have fun at all kinds of things...and if I can help create a little mad scientist I'll be happy (although it's just as likely in a few weeks she'll want to be a fireman, so who knows? he hee).

Must be off.
Stay warm wherever you are!!


Yum Yucky said...

It's 61 degrees here today. Which is insane because it was snowing just this past on Monday. O_O

Can't wait to hear more about your upcoming trip!

Crabby McSlacker said...

OMG, seriously, forty below??!!???!!

I won't tell you what the temperature is in San Diego today. Let's just say a bit warmer.

I SO admire you folks who are not weather wimps like I am!

azusmom said...

Sooooo jealous! The last time I was in London was (gulp!) 1991. They hadn't even built the Eye yet!
My nephew is having a mad scientist-themed party for his 5th birthday. His uncle (my brother-in-law) is also an actual scientist, and will be at the party.
Oh, and did I mention it's in Hawaii?

40 below.

Geosomin said...

You can get little kids lab coats with their names on them :) We may get my niece one. :)

Hawaii? Would love to be there at the moment.
Yup guys...it's currently it's even COLDER today: -36 and -47 with the wind.