monday already?

This weekend was relaxing. I tried to stay healthy and succeeded for the most part. I wrangled up a kickass low fat multigrain banana waffle recipe that we enjoyed both mornings (~250 cal for a big belgian waffle! Yum). I also had a chance to whip up some absolutely delicious & healthy moroccan sweet potato chic pea soup and edemame hummus for my lunches this week, and took a stab at some healthy-ish pizza for supper last night after all that (homemade multigrain crust with spinach, tomatos, olives and feta. Yum...).
We did get out dancing late late laaate on saturday night which was so much fun. Sunday I forced myself to not sleep in too much, but found this morning to just be too early, so I slept and extra hour and feel much better for it since I have a stressfull long day ahead of me. I just had a bowl of oatmeal and blueberries instead and came in on this frozen morning (seriously, with the wind it's -41 C. My eyeballs started to freeze).  I have my workout stuff with me so I can try and bang out a bodyrock or ZWOW bodyweight workout in my office over lunch to still get in some activity today. Today has already been weird - a pileup on the bridge made me 30 minutes late, so I'm off at a run, and I'm just gonna wing it :)
Tonight is bellydance too - fun. I'm psyching myself up for a bit of a stressful day with a few meetings I am not looking forward too, but in the end I think I will put on my big girl sparkle panties and see what this day has in store.
I have a venti dark roast to fuel my morning. Here we go!

LATER: Just banged out 4 rounds of a bodyweight  ZWOW 28 in my office in 15 minutes (much to the amusement of people who can see in my window from the stairwell!!).
1 round:
20 dragon curtsey back lunge + side kicks (10 each side)
20 switch lunges
15  pike jumps (donkey back kick on hands + squat jump)
10 lizard pu (crunch each side + pushup)

Time for lunch! :)

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Yum Yucky said...

did your office smell like fitness-fumes after the ZWOW? I'm guessing yes. I may have to invent some type of "eyeball anti-freeze" to pump out to the market. May have some GMOs in it if I decide to compromise my integrity.