Enchanted Forest

Last night J found a way to help me shake my mopey funk away. It was the last night of the Enchanted Forest lights at the forestry farm, when you can walk through it (which is my favourite way to see it). J was feeling a bit better from his plague so we bundled up, and I put on my new boots (so warm, and not a hole in sight! On sale too-score!) and enjoyed the balmy winter weather we've been having (only -7C!) and went for a nice 90 minute walk through a snowy winter wonderland. It was great. There was free hot chocolate half way thru and I felt like a little kid oohing and awwing at the lights. When you drive thru you don't have the time to look and enjoy, and you could walk right up to the displays, which was cool. There were some decidedly odd displays, like the walrus next to Santa's village, and the part where the displays overlapped so that it looked like Mary and Joseph were being visited by some gophers. My favourite though, was the angels playing music over an arch of stars and Candy Cane Lane :)
Me giggling in Candycane Lane

This morning I was up and in to workout and made it into the spin and sculpt class. I am quite frustrated that I still can't do any sort of Vsits or abs work where I rest on/near my tailbone, but I improvised alternate moves and I suppose I will just have to be patient with myself. It takes time to heal and I don't want to overdo it. I've just never been sore in this location before. It's weird, and I'm half healed, so sometimes I forget and do something I shouldn't. My body knows best tho - it gives me a smack and reminds me what not to be up to. If anyone knows of some good ab and back exercises that aren't involving the tailbone area I'd be very curious to know what they are. Planks and crunches get boring quick...
Hope you all have a nice winter's day today. Keep warm and carry on :)


Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, the Enchanted Forest sounds like a wonderful event and what a lovely way to spend 90 minutes being active!

Sorry about your tailbone. Let's see, kettlebell (or dumbell) swings for back and stability ball pikes for abs? Or there are lots of tortuous plank variations, like walking planks or passing a medicine ball between hands etc. Don't know if you have the bells or balls handy. But sounds frustrating!

azusmom said...

Enchanted Forest sounds so cool! And yay for the new boots!!!!
You might look up some standing barre exercises. Not all of them specifically target the abs, but you need to pull the abs in & keep them stabilized, so they end up getting worked pretty well.
Is the pool open at your gym? Swimming laps is good for the core, as well.

MIz said...

I second crabbys suggestions and YOUR comment about our bods just KNOWING BEST.