Quick! Make something up!

Our instructor was a no show today (probably due to the blizzardy arctic weather), so I just made up a workout on the fly and it was a good one. I can feel it in my azz already...

3 sets of:
20 one legged dead lifts, each leg, with two 12Lb dumbells
20 clean and press with deadlift with 35 Lb barbell
20 "kettlebell" swings with a 20 Lb dumbell

2 sets of:
20 back raises
20 suspended ab crunches
15 outer thigh weighted extensions (90 Lb)
20 inner thigh pull-ins (90 Lb)

Then some side ab raises with the 20LB dumbell and 30 minutes on the elliptical with an interval program and a bit of stretching and tadah! Done.
I had some chia overnight oats for breakfast and man...I forgot how much I love them. I need to have it more often for breaky...that and get some more protein powder. I ran out back in early december and haven't gotten more, and I think I'd like to get back to that. I wanna build up some sexy azz muscles and that'll give my body some booty fuel! :)

I'm feeling really good today. I got some work done last night and will do more tonight, but I'm just feeling better overall. I've gotten back to my pre-christmas gorge fest stage, so I'm at a baseline to go all amazon with myself for the next few months. It's got me in a good head space. I want to just focus on my healthy eating and workout and see just what I can do by the summer.
Slow and steady, with some healthy eating and hard work...booyah! My work has a wellness benefit, so I may take advantage of it to get a few home workout toys like a green Leibert equalizer and a sandbag that I've wanted for ages...and my running shoes need replacing. I figure since they have to fire a bunch of people over the next 6 months (it really sucks - morale is pretty low here at the moment), I should get it now, just in case I get cut. The I can just bang out home workouts if I lose my work perk of a free gym pass! Just trying to keep a positive spin on it. No one's been cut from my group yet so I've still got time I think...:P

Anyways...off to the exciting world of laboratory supervision. We are actually preparing to move now. For realz. So I have to go defrost some freezers and pack up some stuff. Oh the glamorous life I lead :)

Have a great day everybody. Stay Warm!!


Yum Yucky said...

I always love when you mention your scientific work. About those freezers... Do they contain some type of cryo-frozen specimens and involve splicing of DNA fragments to create new species of superhuman beings? I know, I know. I've been watching too many movies.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm with Yum Yucky, I like to fantasize about all your impressive sciencey stuff and imagine you are inventing cool new things. Calorie free desserts? Robot slaves that will clean toilets and do laundry and make dinner?

Awesome that you made up your own routine, sounds like some great improvising!

azusmom said...

Nanobots? How 'bout a TELEPORT?!?!?!