there was an old(er) woman who lived in a (cold) shoe

Morning taters!
Other than a bit stuffed up I'm still feeling pretty good. Crossing my fingers that the plague will be kind to me. J is still sick, so we shall see.
I was in for spin and sculpt class today and I admit the spin bike was not entirely comfortable in the race position (thanks to the my sore lower back and butt leftover from what is now mockingly being referred to here as the "boxing day shuffle"). Other than that though, it was a solid workout. Tough, but it felt good. Healthy breakfast and I'm off to workytown.
So glad it's friday. My right winter boot which had a small hole in them has now split it's side seam completely so I will finally have time to go find some new winter boots tomorrow. I must say -one warm foot and one cold foot while outside feels really weird. Thankfully it's not super duper cold at the moment...

Totally off topic,  but I want to give a shout out to a colleague. If any of you are interested in some information about whole grains, one of the researchers I used to work with (who does agricultural/crop research) has been working with a new Canadian  information site called the Healthy Grains Institute. They work to provide science backed information about gluten free diets, and the impact of wheat and whole grains on weight and chronic disease. Their new site is up. Have a look around. Science is cool yo.
Have a nice weekend everyone. Stay warm!


Yum Yucky said...

Darn shoe. Please tell J to stop gnawing on your boots. That is not a home remedy for da plague, ya know.

The Healthy Grains website sounds fab. Already clicked the link and will be strolling around. You science'y peoples ROCK!

azusmom said...

Gonna go check out that site.
Back in my younger days, when I still lived in New England and teaching at a hoighty-toighty private school, I was so poor I had to wear boots held together with duct tape. Not fun in the snow.