holiday over. boourns.

This morning hurt. I'd like to say I was up at 515 no problem and hammered out a workout, but I couldn't properly fall asleep until 2AM and then slept poorly all night. I kept waking up to the snoring coughing of my J who is still not well from the plague he contracted over the holidays...which I think I am finally falling prey to. I have a sinus sort of headache today and feel alternatively warm and cold at the same time and just lethargic. So, I did not workout this AM, altho I am going to do *something* like a workout this evening when I get home. My back and butt are still a bit sore from falling down the stairs on boxing day, but I think I can do a decent workout without hurting myself by now. It's been a week since I worked out and I feel it. I feel like I've put on some pounds over the holidays and feel blechy from all the junk I've been eating lately, so I'm looking forward to just getting back to healthy food and more activity. Especially if I'm going to get sick and feel even more blechy for a few days. We shall see...

Hope you're not all finding the first day back at work as tiring as I am. I could just crawl back under the duvet for a few hours... :)


azusmom said…
Oh no! Hope you're feeling better REALLY soon (and J, as well)!!!!!!
Yum Yucky said…
((gurgle)) Not the news I wanted here when visiting you today. Please get J to rub your sore booty once he is plague-free. M'kay?

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