pyramid scheme

Blogger just ate my post. Gargh. Here we go again...
Our regular evil sculpt instructor has a new job so we have a new sculpt instructor. I love interval workouts and today we did an interval, pyramid sort of workout and I LOVED it. I like mixing it up instead of 10 sets of 10 something and my muscles screaming at me like the old instructor (who still rocked, don't get me wrong). I prefer this, since you still end up doing the same number of things, but you can focus on form and use heavier weights because you're doing one set at a time.
After our warmup we built up the following pyramid of moves, adding one set of things each time through:

-10 pushups (all on my knees - holla!!)
-10 forward lunges, each leg
-10 bicep curls
-10 side bends with weights
-10 tricep extensions
-20 deep squats
-10 shoulder presses
-10 upright rows
-30 seconds of superman/flutter kicks on your stomach
-30 side oblique crunches, each side
-30 side lunges into a woodchopper each side

Then we finished off with 1 minute each of crunches and vsits (I did leg extensions instead). I did the whole thing with a set of 12 Lb dumbells and felt badass. It was fantastic. I did the math on the walk to work after and that is 120 pushups and 120 deep squats, not to mention all the other awesomeness. Wow! I love it. Definitely keeping this workout for a day when I'm not sure what to do. :)

Aaaaaaand, totally off this not the coolest video? I'vebeen looking for new workout tunes from all over the world and this popped up. The Songza app on my phone is offering up some neat stuff :)


Yum Yucky said...

ahhh. that video looks cool. I'm at work so could only view about a minute or so. Will watch the entire thing when I get home. Now I know your evil sculpter person moved on, but you should still refer to her as "The Evil Sculptress". It's much sinister that way.

Geosomin said...

oh lordy I'm stiff and it's not even the next day...

Miz said...

what IS UP with blogger these days?
come to the daaaaark side of wordpress? ;)