grrr. argh

Last night sucked. See my other blog for rants and details if you like.... I'm just so not in the mood to dredge it up again. Suffice it to say the world of academic science is seriously f*cked up and I am so glad to me nearing my time of being done with many egos...and I just don't care to be involved with it, but yet I still have to be to a certain degree until I finish my final MSc obligations, which keep getting mutated further and further from what I care to be involved in.

After hours on the phone with collaborators and my old supervisor after work I was picked up as a sniffly mess by J and driven directly to dance bellydance for 2 hours, and THEN came home to a good ranty cry and some leftovers and just went to bed.

This morning I came in so spin class with yelly Mel. And I used it. All the anger and stress and frustration came out through my legs and I had a sweaty mess of a spin class. It helped.
Today I'm in at work to try and work hard and then adapt to deal with the angst of yesterday and try and move forward with my life and get some writing and poster work done.

I am going to have some coffee and get to it.
Later taters...


azusmom said...

Ugh! The world of academia, where no hard work goes unpunished or given credit, and professors hold grudges for 40 years!
I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Hopefully it'll all be over soon and you can wave goodbye.
In the meantime, just remember that you are a far better person than they are. :)

Miz said...

HUGS HUGS HUGS and so proud of you for taking it all out with your LEGS!