yesterday was better than monday night. I didn't get a lot done, but I had a much better day overall at work and started on one of my posters...and I made muffins :). Tonight I will do more and get down to some real work and plug away at things bit by bit. I am waiting for yet another whirl of crazy meetings about academic stuff as people try and tell me what they feel is better for me (*sigh*), but for now I'll try and avoid them, work hard and hopefully keep sane for a few days at least. I'm trying to just focus on taking charge of what I need to do and the rest of the craziness can just dance about madly around me...I refuse to get involved in it unless I have to...until I've finished what's on my plate for now.

This morning I got up for sculpt class and it was a very solid overall workout. Now that that is done, I've got full day ahead of me at work and later at home. Work is rather tense at the moment as we're in the middle of the university downsizing and firing people...and everyone is on edge until it's done and we know it's not us. I figure I can't worry about it, since there's no way to know who it'll be. I'm just gonna do my thing and get on with it...

Hope you all have a great day. :)

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