Ha HA!

It's friday.
This week has seemed very long and tiring. Not enough snuggles and naps. I will correct that this weekend. Friends are throwing a shindig, so I know I'll get out for a bit of fun. I have much to do on stuff, but I feel ready to get things started, along with making some tasty healthy meals for the week to come. And... I am finally feeling at peace with my needing to get work done. Like I am ready again to do some work (knock on wood). I actually have to have a talk with one of my supervisors -she had convinced me to let someone else write all my papers since the time and stress was getting to me and I'm not the best writer, but now? I wish to change that I think. I can do most of them, while my husband is busy working on his show this winter. And...in the end they will be good. Not perfect...but the way I want them to be. Altho the thought of having a pro researcher write up things and have them optimal and publishable is tempting, it would mean letting her take primary authorship of things for all my work and redoing it. I don't care about the credit and authorship, but I do care about doing things right. I feel a bit like I'm being bullied, and so altho I thought I was OK with it...well it turns out I'm not. I've figured out where I stand, and I've put my stress down and looked at it and had a bit of time to think. She may not like me changing my mind, but I think it's best to do things this way. I will try my best, like I did before, and see what the world has for me.

And there should be waffles at some point too.
Banana ones.
I got a new wafflemaker for christmas...I heart it.

This morning was spin and sculpt class. Good and sweaty and awesome. I get to meet some girls for lunch to get out of the building for a bit too, so I'm hoping today will fly by and I'll be home. J is doing lights for a show tonight, but seeing as last time I tried to go out when feeling this tired I actually fell asleep while out (yes, at the club at the table...rather embarrassing that...) so, I may be an old biddy and stay home, relax and work on some stuff...or not. In winter we are down to one vehicle so I don't have the option of heading home if I'm tired (our bus service tanks on the weekend) so I'm gonna wing it just see what this weekend has in store and go from there. Maybe some farmers market goodness and some relaxing elaborate meals and some dancing saturday night.

Happy weekend all :)

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