here we go again

So tired.
It's my own fault tho - stayed up late. It was a long fun weekend and I just didn't want it to end :)
Yes I got some work done, but I also got to spend a leisurely saturday morning and afternoon with my husband and sunday I spent out shopping for fabrics and costume ideas with a few friends and ended up picking up a few cool things at Old Navy and Value Village - cardigan, skirt, top, two workout tops and a dress which I initially bought for fabric to turn into a bellydance skirt but when I tried it on it fit perfectly, so I'm just going to keep it as a dress. I love bargain much stuff for so little. It's been ages (literally years now that I think about it) since I've been out with just me and some girls and then back to the house for craftiness. Add in some tasty food, fresh powdery snow (shovelling the snow) and some good coffee and I'm grinning. :)

This AM the  instructor failed to show, so I made up a workout on the fly again.
3 sets of:
15 box step ups, each side
20 good mornings (35 Lb dumbbell)
15 bicep curls (10 Lb)
15 bent rows (12 Lb)
15 overhead shoulder press + in front elbows together (no idea what it's' called; 10 Lb)
10 burpees with full pushup
20 back raises
20 suspended ab crunches

Then I hopped on a cardio hill program on the elliptical and had at it for 30 minutes. I've never done that program before - the long hill was hard. I did it all and pushed myself, but was sweating at the end. It felt good to get my sweat on and I feel great now. 

Now it's work time. Right on cue, my crazy previous MSc supervisor is going whackadoo again and recanting on all her previous ideas of getting someone else to write up some data, that we argued about last monday, which I'm more pleased about, but thankfully I am still doing MY stuff, and so now it just comes down to actually DOING my stuff. It'll happen. I'd planned to work all wednesday but apparently my brother's wife planned a birthday party for my Dad without consulting us, so I'll have to rearrange and go. it's another crazy week, starting.......

NOW! :)

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