one point twenty one jiggawatts!!

This weekend was so much fun!
It was super crowded (they were at capacity both days) but we got to wander and see lots of great actors and get cool art and collectibles and be a goof for a few days. Tasty food in the evenings, dressing up all crazy, saw some favourite actors (the entire cast of STTNG were there)...AND I GOT TO SIT IN THE DELORIAN. There were a LOT of cool costumes. It was my friend's birthday too and I met up with other friends...and...and...Oh yes. :)
This morning I slept in a bit to relax and today it's back in to everything. I have a busy day ahead. I totally forgot that today is the last day to do you taxes...he heh. So that's tonight I guess, plus I have to rack my mead and add the clarifier. Jeez...busy night ahead. Thankfully our taxes aren't that big of a deal to do...just takes an hour or two I'd rather spend on something else. Usually J and I do them together but he has to work late tonight so it'll likely just be me and the numbers and the mead...I doubt I'll get any thesis in tonight!
Must dash...

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azusmom said...

I'm soooooo jealous! Sounds like it was a great weekend.
Good luck with the taxes! :)