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Well hello there :)
I had a great weekend. Yes I worked slavishly on my thesis, but I have section 3 (of 4!!!) in final draft for my supervisor to proof. I also got to go see my little 3 year old niece's dance recital. Oh the cuteness :) Zoe is quite shy and a bit scared of crowds and people but she did fantastic, remembered all the moves and wasn't scared at all. It was cute to see that some of the kids were all over the place but they were all dressed up and having fun. Zoe is in the non-competitive preschool dance classes here in town and they do a great job. Then I went on a quest to get my other little niece her birthday present. In her words -"all I really want auntie is a sprinkler to jump over" I hunted around and found an awesome one for her and her sister to play with this summer. Add in a friday night escape for a few hours for a nice foggy walk to the local art gallery for a show opening and it was a busy but nice weekend. Last night was late finishing it all off and I had to tape the first episode of the new Game of Thrones to watch later when I have time, but all in all? I feel really happy about how busy yet balanced it was. J worked all weekend too so I got up with him and we had breakfast together and it was nice to start the day off like that. :)

My cat likes brussel sprouts. We were having turkey pesto burgers and brussel sprouts for supper last night and one sprung off my plate when I stabbed it wrong and Geek ran away with it and ate it. Weirdo. :)

This morning I'm in at work after a full workout. I picked up a new workout shirt over the weekend so it was nice to wear something new. I did a double up workout again with a bit of abwork at the end ( 2 sets of 20 back raises, suspended crunches and side crunches each side) and I feel great. I did ZWOW 11 (5 times through) and the Hot Girls Sweat workout on Bodyrock TV (I did it 2 times through). My mule kicks probably weren't the best but I tried to make them as strong as I could for the ZWOW. They feel really weird... I pushed myself on the other workout. It was hard...I was panting the second time through but I tried my best and thankfully kept my asthma from kicking in. After a healthy breakfast it's time for some science.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I'm off to the lab...

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Yum Yucky said...

I love me some Game of Thrones. But how many times have you watched Weird Science? I figure it had to be required movie-watching at some point in your scientist training. Yes?