Leeeelu Dallas Multitask

Last night was errands and a bit of break and then a few hours of thesis editing. Busy. I was the queen of multitasking and dyed my hair while I made supper (I know I know...my life is like that right now...)
 I wanted to do more thesis work but I got too tired after 11 and couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. So, more today. If I have to I'll take my computer along to do some work on the way back from comicon in the car...we'll see how it goes. The 7 pages I got done are good, but they were the best of the bunch I think and there's still a fair chunk of revamping to do - I doubt I'll get it all done tonight...

I am so very much looking forward to comicon. My good friend (my maid of honor) will be there with her husband and kids and another old high school friend will be working at comicon so we're hoping to all get out for supper and catch up.  I'm heading up with my 2 good nerdy gals...it should be a few days of geeky fun away. If anything there may not be enough time for visiting everybody, but I am sure it will all work out fine. I would like some time to curl up like a cat with J, but that just might have to be the plane and train in the UK in a few weeks :). For now...just have to keep at it. He has a busy few weeks coming up as well...

This morning was spin and sculpt with the new girl again. It was OK, but hard. The class doesn't really flow, but I got a solid workout. She doesn't have any stretching after either, so I need to make sure I stretch out some more when I have the time.
Must get going and get some coffee in me to get this day going.
Later taters...


azusmom said…
Have a GREAT time!!!!!!

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