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Well then.
Sunday I sure was stiff, especially on my abs :) I took a break late saturday night and went out with friends to go dancing for a few hours. It was what I needed. To be able to girl myself up and be out with J and dance to a favourite DJ who was in from New York- it really let me blow off some steam. All weekend was redo data and summarize it and recheck it and write about it. Little did I know how redoing all that section of data would affect about 1/3 of all my figures and have me redo SO much stuff...BUT I think I may have actually done it. Tonight is time to edit over it all and make sure it actually makes sense before handing that section off for editing to my poor, patiently editing supervisor. Then comes the final fun part (yes I will actually enjoy this part!) - the conclusions and future prospects. All this 60 odd pages of blathering so I can now actually TALK about what I've done and why it's so great.

This weekend I tried my hand at a few new foody things. Some were good and some were a bit of a flop. I made some potato bread, but was short of white flour so I threw in 1cup of rye flour I had...the loaf was not very fluffy...but still tastes pretty good. I did make another batch of maple roasted brussel sprouts with supper last night...and wow. Heavenly. I can really take or leave brussel sprouts but my husband LOVES them - this recipe earned me big time cuddle points :)

I grabbed some new protein powder finally on a trip to costco with a friend. It's pretty good and much cheaper than the super delicious stuff I've been buying. It's a dark chocolate flavour with cocoa and stevia. Not too sweet...it will do. I got up and came in to workout this morning to earn my chocolate and wandered through the last snow sprinkle of the spring. It is light out now when I catch my bus now so spring is coming!

I came in and wanted to sweat like a fool so I did ZWOW7 as well as a bodyrock TV workout. No clue which one it was - I only have scribbly labelled in my notebook as "The 50/10 workout with bonus abs".
What is was is 50/10 intervals of the following 3 times thru:
-pick up 20 Lb weight to shoulder and do back lunge + side lunge and put weight back down. Alternate sides. (~4 each leg)
-weird monkey pushup and tuck jump (~10)
-Pushup, then slide/hop left side and back and then right side and then back (~10)

Then a quick bonus ab work of 3 X 50 seconds of:
-In plank position, hop knees like a frog and back out, then pull in one knee to elbow and back and other knee in to elbow and back
-V sits
-In plank position, hop knees like a frog and back out, then pull in one knee to elbow and back and other knee in to elbow and back

And now...life beckons. Must go be good.
Later taters :)

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