the numbers are taunting me

Last night was a lot of work and much yelling. Thankfully J worked all evening so he didn't have to listen to me randomly yell and rant as I formatted and printed off figures. Yeesh. I think I may actually be done them now...time for my supervisor to look at them. You know you've had enough of something when you start thinking your numbers are conspiring against you :P
I woke up at 4 to a cat and couldn't get back to sleep again so I am a bit tired today. I came in for spin and sculpt and pushed was a nice hard workout. Sad she only has one more week of teaching, then it's a new schedule. I've really grown to like this class...I hope the new instructor does something similar.
For now - it'a another day of this sort of thing...I really am feeling burnt out again.
Just keep swimming, swimming swimming...

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azusmom said...

(My son's favorite movie1)
I always used to think numbers were ganging up on me, then laughing and pointing behind my back.
I'm still not completely convinced they weren't...
You're in the home stretch! Just remember, you ROCK!!!!!