ready to work

It is crunch time...I am ready to write all day. After 8 solid hours of sleep, I got up and did ZWOW 13 with a 5lb weight. Total score: 73 alternating one leg bend burn, 138 bunny hops, 70 weighted leg raises and 25 broad jump burpees. It was awesome - I love tabatas! So hard...but I really push myself in tabatas. It was odd to be sweating and panting as both my cats lay languidly in the sun in front of me in the living room, but hey - we're all happy :)

Then after I did a bootcamp mashup of things, with 25 reps each of :
-1 arm floor to overheadlift with 10Lb+ side kick and front knee lift left side
-1 arm floor to overheadlift with 10Lb + side kick and front knee lift right side
-switch lunge jumps (hate those things but they really build leg strength)
-plank hop out to right side and in and to left side and in + a standing woodchop with 10Lb weight (alternating sides)
-pushup + 2 steps side plank steps+ pushup + stand up for a tuck jump

Yes. After some stretching I am still sweating :)
But it worked. I feel all amazon and ready to go.
Time for a hot shower and a humongous 2 glass smoothie I concocted out of some stuff I found in the fridge - cottage cheese, vanilla, protein, fruit, oats and almond milk :) I am off! Wish me luck! I'm nervous at what must be done, but if this morning is an indication, I'm gonna rock it today. :)

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