Saturdays rock

After a lazy day yesterday with family lunch and naps I tried to work on things, but was just exhausted. My brain was not ready for anything. So I made some gluten free dairy free pudding for supper tomorrow (I'm going to make a gluten free dairy free trifle for family easter supper) and just vegged. Yum. J went out to see a friend's band play. I was super cool and went to bed early.
But you know what? I feel great.
I am ready to work hard today. I woke up aroun 8:30 for a nice hard core home workout: ZWOW 8 through 4 times followed by the Bodyrock TV Thong Shape Up workout with ab extras and the weighted cool down. I only have two 8Lb dumbbells and one 10 Lb dumbbell at home, but I made it work. I sweated and feel great. After a long hot shower and some baked apple oatmeal with J it's time for some thesis work. I hope you are all having an awesome day.
So far it's all good here :)

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