hard core

Oh my giddy arms.

The new spin and sculpt instructor is...different. She pushes you hard. The spin part, other than her wanting you to count down from 10 to 1 with her, was hard and good. The sculpt part was mostly up on the bike...and boy was it hard. She's a very different personality than our old instructor...less cheery more lean drill sergeant...this class has more of a bootcampy feel. Not exactly sure if I like her...she's a bit yelley for my taste, but I *do* like her workouts and she is really nice despite how hard she makes you work. After working really hard yesterday my arms are just stiff after all the work we did in class today. It was a solid workout...but no stretching after...I'm going to have some breakfast and think about what I've done :)


Yum Yucky said…
I'm just guessing here, but it seems like you might learn to like her??? I have yet to sit my ass on a spin bike. I gots that fancy gym membership, but never go. O_O
I'm with Yucky- my ass hurts on a normal bike ride so Im thinking spin will leave me walking funny.
Geosomin said…
It's hard to say. I ride my bike to work in the summer so my butt is used to it. I find it takes a few weeks of it to "break in" your butt. Plus some spin bikes are more comfy than others...I prefere one model over another for comfiness. As long as you have enough tension on your bike, and the seat is at the right it's usually good once you're used to it.
I can't run much anymore because of my right knee, but I do love biking, so spin is fun for me...in a sadistic kind of way...
azusmom said…
I love Spin! REI has some padded cycling underwear that help a lot. Also, it helps to show up early for your first class and let the instructor know it's your first time. He or she should walk you through setting up the bike.

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