Creak creak...

Oh man...I think I'm gonna be stiff tomorrow. I'm already stiff now :)
Yesterday's workout was a challenge and by the time I went to bed my butt and shoulders were stiff from the mule kicks and all the push ups I'd done between the two workouts. I also fell on what must be the only remaining piece of ice yesterday too, which may have added to it-not sure. I was still a bit stiff when I got up, and after a killer spin routine what do we work on in spin & sculpt? Why, a new program heavy on shoulders, arms and squats! Oh lordy. He heh -I do believe this stiffness will continue. I really worked hard today and have that feeling that's hard to describe that I love when you've used your muscles well. My shoulders and arms have muscles. He hee. I'm very proud of myself :) I can do a lot of things now that I couldn't do a few years ago.

It's gonna be a good day. :)

Today I have much boring computer work to do (safety thrilling) but I get to go stock up on healthy awesome groceries after work today. J has to work so I'm on my own - and I can squeeze fruit and read labels to my heart's content :) Yes I'm one of those people...and I'm a frustrating person to shop with so I reign that part of me in when I shop with others. I do so love when I shop alone occasionally and have the time to geek out on nutritional info and look at new things when I shop. Sometimes I find new delicious things...

Must dash-much to do today. Have a great day everyone!


Yum Yucky said…
Please pick me ups a chocolate cake while you're at the store. Largest size available. Because that's what healthy blogging friends do for each other. duh.

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