Today is brought to you by the letter C

Well yesterday I got some thesis proofing done and then had a nice supper at my brother's house with my Dad. Ham and scalloped potatoes and my yummy trifle. Gluten free dairy free meal and it was tasty :). If you are looking for a good gluten free mix - I used Betty Crocker's golden mix and added a bit of cardamom and made it into cupcakes. They are very good mixed up with some strawberries, bananas and raspberries and chocolate pudding. MMMmmm. Delicious.
And today? Well I booked off today and tomorrow to be home and work on my thesis. The idea was I'd be writing the conclusions, but I am a bit further back than that thanks to my "helpful" supervisor, but I will do all I can in the next few days. I just slept in until 830 (!!!) and polished of a great home workout. ZWOW 9 three times through as a warmup and then the Hot Girls Sweat Bodyrock tv workout twice through. Man that makes you sweat! After a shower and a protein shake I'm getting ready to get down to business. My brother brought me back some tasty coffee from Cuba and I finally got to get it from him so today's work is fuelled by Mr. Castro and his delicious coffee minions. Yummers.

Must get to the data it before I get distracted. Have a great day!!

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