longest week ever...

This morning was my last spin and sculpt class with my favourite instructor. *sniff*
She is done grad school and is starting a new job that starts early so she can't teach int he mornings anymore. I hope they replace her with someone equally cool :) This class has become a staple of my morning workouts on tuesdays and thursdays. Time for change I guess!!

Today is another long day. Last night I prepared and organised my writing plan for my conclusions, but I was pretty tired by the end so I didn't get done as much as I would have liked to. I'm going to try and get some more thesis writing in tonight and really get set up to attack it on the weekend...next weekend I'm taking off to comicon in Calgary with some friends to be a big nerd, so I'll be losing my normal weekend work time. Gotta catch up so I can go be a geek for 2 days guilt free with the girls. J is covering it for his work so he'll be there, but I won't see him much...girly geek time is so much fun. I haven't seen my buddies Heather and Lisa since before christmas with all my work and school, so I am really really looking forward to the time hanging out with them. I don't have time to make a costume...I'm curious what they'll come up with tho.
Until then: Head down. Coffee on.
Let's do this :)


azusmom said…
Yay, Comicon!!!! How fun!
Someday I WILL get to Comicon in San Diego...
And here's hoping your new Spin teacher is as rockin' as the old one.
Yum Yucky said…
niiice! So are you dressing up in Comicon-ish garb? You must!

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