hard work is its own reward

Last night I met with my TO supervisor on the phone to go over some data and was given a lot more work to do last night. I came home with a pre-roasted chicken and some pumpernickel and got down to it good and properly. I worked until almost one but re-summarized all my data for my TO supervisor. I have one last summary table to do and then it's complete for an email to her. We are meeting on the phone again today to discuss it. I will get this done...I have 2 weeks. My summary goes to my other supervisor in 2 weeks. It's ON. I never really got that saying "hard work is its own reward" until now. Sometimes you just have to work hard, with no reward, other than the completion of the work and not having to do it anymore. I must just do what I can for as long as I can....

This morning, despite being tired, I got up and came in to the gym for spin and sculpt. It was a solid workout and after some cottage cheese and blackberries I am feeling ready to go. My gym is closed tomorrow for good friday so I may just workout saturday instead...we'll see. It's J's side of the family easter dinner and I have sleep on the agenda for the most part to fuel up for the long haul. I'm making tapioca for J and his gramma...mmmm...

Must dash. Science beckons.


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