make me move like a freak...

Well this morning my shoulders are a bit stiff bit I'm no worse for wear. I tried to get a bunch of work done last night and I did some basic organizing and put what I have into my new outline so I can start picking away at it...but then J discovered our hiking package arrived in the mail. Then we basically blew the rest of the evening poring over the giant map and all our itinerary and looking up the B&B's we're booked into. I am SO EXCITED. The Arran Island 5 day hike will be sublime... not long now :)

This morning I came in for spin and got a thorough workout. Same instructor as spin and sculpt yesterday and I think she's growing on me. It didn't hurt that she had a really good upbeat music selection and just when I was bagged and wanted to slow down Mr. Saxobeat came on, which is one of my guilty pleasures...gave me another push to keep going. I'm still not a fan of the counting down at the end of sprints, but it's not that bad. She gave a solid workout with no weirdness or things my knee can't do. After some ab work I was done, just like that.  Time for another day. Gotta work hard and earn my Comicon break!:)

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azusmom said...

So exciting!!!!
SOunds like a pretty good Spin class, too.