back at it again

That friday workout kicked my ass - I was stiff all weekend...even my feet were stiff on saturday :) Just  creaky stiff though (which I'm rather amazed about). J and I ran errands this weekend and got a few things for ourselves we've needed for a while like decent hiking boots and good raincoats. It's always painful in the wallet to get good gear (especially for 2) but we're set for years now. I am hard on gear. I have needed a good raincoat for about a year now with my old one getting me wet when I bike and bus to work. My old hiking boots are completely cracked across the bottom, so it's nice to have some dry shoes again...a good pair of Merrels that should last me another 3 or 4 years. I'm wearing my hikers right now. They're quite comfy so I'm hoping I can wear them in before we do some more serious hiking. You'll also all be proud of me for being practical with the raincoat choice. I turned down a coat I was completely in love with (breathable and stretchy and soooooooo perfectly my style) for a more practical one (longer, nice hood but a it less breathable and boring). It is yellow tho, so I'm happy. :)
Sunday I finally got around to getting a haircut and then let the bread robot make us some yummy pumpkin nut bread and made some homemade mushroom soup to go with it. Simple meals are the best sometimes - so delicious. It helps that you need to add wine to my mushroom for the soup and a glass for me. :) Made thesis writing a lot more fun to sit with a glass of Reisling and think. I actually woke up to ideas and got up to type them down on sunday - that was a pleasant surprise. In the midst of life I now have managed to get  22 pages of discussion and conclusion to work on for my thesis over the next week. I really want to organize and cut it down and look for gaps to make it better before Comicon this weekend. It will make for a nice guilt free weekend away with the girls (I may be nerdy and print off a copy to edit on the car ride home). After that only about 10 days until our holiday. I do believe I will have a completed draft by then if I keep at it. :)

My ass felt normal this morning finally so I decided to whoop it again. I did ZWOW 14  (no weights on the switch lunge jumps as my knees can't take it) and then the Bodyrock TV Hot Girls Sweat workout (2 times through) this morning. This is the first day I have ever had sweat drip off of me onto the mat. He hee. It was while doing a the end of this workout I must say, I was fatigued. I actually had to change a few jump switch lunges in the second round through to regular step back legs are rather jello like at the moment. I have refueled them with a protein shake, some pumpkin spice overnight chia oats and a huge Tims coffee (seriously - they just upped the sizes and the XL is like half a pot!).
Now - it's time to get some work done. I have more yummy soup and bread for lunch. It's gonna be a good day -  can feel it!

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