Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday was get home and run to practice...one of our last rehearsals. The stage in the gym is smaller than we're used to, so we've had to adjust a few things. Plus the veil numbers are still a gong show...hopefully a few more practiced will pull them together. We've only had written stuff to practice from (the audio file we were sent couldn't be opened by everyone) and for people like me with no veil training the words were just gibberish, so I may bring a camera just to record it so I can practice at home. It's our opening number so I don't want to botch it too badly :)
My instructor had 10 veils for her youth troupe that I had to serge after rehearsal last night. I got them done though...I was up very late doing that and gathering up all my kit for the rehearsal today, so I just slept in today. I'll get in at least 2 hours of dancing tonight, so it's not a concern.
Tonight is dress rehearsal...starts at 6. Heh. I have to pick someone up...and we'll fly there in the Screaming Yellow Madness to do our thing and get thru as much stuff as we can with the room booked for 2 hours. I think some of us are taking it more seriously than others, but in the end it will be good I think. Not perfect, but fun. I'm trying to get my new hair to look like it did in the salon - it'll take a bit of practice... There will be a photographer tonight so I'll have a photo or two to share of things...if nothing else it will be a lot of fun. I can't say I regret being involved, altho I'll love having my free time back :)
Then after I'm meeting a friend for coffee...whew!
Busy day :)

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Redbush said...

Good luck with your dance performance! You put a lot into it, I'm sure! Some people always take things more seriously than others.