Good start, really

I got up at 5:15 this morning and did my Fusion dance DVD workout. It felt good...crazy I know. It was a bit easier this time - I think it's because I got lots of sleep last night...sometimes it comes in handy that J has to get up stupidly early for his me an excuse to go to bed early guilt free :)

There is another 20 minutes of cardio dance moves in the extended workout of the DVD...and I really want to do it, but it would mean I have to get up at 5. I skimmed through it on high speed after the cooldown this morning and it looks like fun. But, 5AM is early. It's' only 15 minutes difference...but if feels like hours...Even so, I think I'll try it next week on Wed and see how it goes. I don't want to skip the cooldown stretch part, and I know that's what I'll do if I get behind for time. Taking the bus to work sort of sets limits to when I need to be ready to walk out the door, and I can't be late. Annoying. I can't wait for the snow to melt...then I can ride my bike to work, and I have a whole extra half hour in the mornings to play much easier to fit in my workout then.
It feels good though. I feel awake and exercised. I've started keeping milk and miniwheats or granola at work so that on days like today when I"m rushing about I can still have a good breakfast. I get to work about 20 minutes before I start, so it's perfect timing for a cup of java and some cereal if I need it.
Today I did just that.
I'm a little bummed that I have to miss my bellydance class tonight for a meeting downtown (boring...) but it must be done. The lesson last night was nice - my teacher went over a lot of finishing moves for my solo...arm and hand flourishes...the kind of things that really polish a performance. So I have more to practice, but I think it will really enhance things. She knows I'm practicing and that's all she could ask for. Seeing as I miss a lesson I will just go home and practice later, after I hopefully meet an old friend for coffee tonight. She has pictures of her trip to Cuba (no was warm there and I wasn't there with her...) - I could use the time out. It's been unseasonably "stupidcold" the last week or so and I can't take to much more hibernation.
And so off I go into the frozen blue yonder.
Try and stay warm my peeps. :)

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