Bellydance DVDs are cool

I got up this morning and did some drills with my bellydance yoga DVD. I'm really liking this DVD-Contemporary Bellydance and Yoga Conditioning. I'm impressed with the quality and quantity of things included in it. It has a short or long yoga warmup and then 2 sets of drills, about 25 minutes each, going through basic bellydance techniques, focusing on the 3 main areas, arms, chest and waist and hips. There are even a few level changes. You go through the movement slowly and then speed up and drill it, doing it about 50 times, burning it into muscle memory. Then there is a 8 minute yoga cool down. On top of this there are two 20 minute sections teaching short choreography's that can be worked in to routines...haven't done those yet, just skimmed through them. Even the music is very mellow and suits what you're doing. It's jsut a whole lot for one little DVD.

On days like today when I hit snooze too many times I can do the short warm up and then go through basic techniques. I did the first drill set. I think I'll alternate with the other one on thursday. I find the more I drill, the better my dancing gets, as my muscles are gaining strength. Basic tribal arms involve holding your arms parallel to your shoulders out from the sides. After a few minutes this burns, especially if you add arm movements to it. I can hold my arms *much* longer than I used to be able to...according to J I've got muscles in my midback and upper arms I never did before and I am developing some freaky ab muscles...neato.

I have a private lesson tonight (My teacher thinks I need some more work before the recital) so I'll have another chance to practice. I kind of dropped the ball for practicing my solo every single day, as I took some days off over the weekend, but I'm making sure I do bellydancing and motion every day. I'm trying to find a balance between my life and bellydancing...there's a lot of practicing going on right now. I hope it all pays off. I've got the moves it's time to polish them. It's true - practice does make perfect. I can't expect to just magically get better...hard work is the key. Now that I'm finally developing some muscle strength in the core groups I'm using, I can do more and have more control. I'm working on isolating the movements right when I move my hips or arms the rest of me is totally still - not as easy as it sounds.

And (I find this hilarious) apparently I close my eyes when I dance. I do sometimes when I'm enjoying myself...I don't really dance normally with others, I tend to flail in my own little world. I guess I've carried that over into bellydance, as I keep getting reminded to keep my eyes open when I dance...apparently it's bad form to not engage your audience with your eyes. (that means looking at them...eep!) I think I'll focus on the wall...

For now, I'm daydreaming about's still about 20 degrees below normal, and I can't wait to be outside without being bundled up like a mummy. It's always warm 4 days away in the forecast. But soon...


Donn Coppens said...

That's cool.
Both of my Daughters have been involved in modern dance for over a decade. I've sat through untold recitals.

This past weekend they were both chosen to perform Afro-Contemporary pieces with a choreographer from Mozambique. It's cool because they have a live jazz section accompanying the 4 sets of huge floor drums...a weird fusion of Afrojazz thingamabob.

I brought a niece who comes from a classical music background and she commented on how intimate dance was. She noticed on how powerful and important the facial expressions and eye contact were.

So there you have it.

Geosomin said...

That's what my instructor keeps saying. I guess the trick is to know the routine so well that you can relax and show your happiness through your face instead of sticking your tongue out and concentrating :)

MizFit said...

I seriously long to have to say these words:


Donte said...

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