Creaky me

Last night I finally had some time to do some technique practice with belly dance. The tribal fusion/yoga DVD I ordered recently has over an hour of technique drills, broken into 2 sections. I did the warm up and first drill section and I must say - what a muscle workout: chest isolations and circles, tribal arms and hip shimmy's with level changes...over and over and over so you get the feel. I'm finally getting the proper stance, which makes the movements freer, but having a mirror is helpful. It allows you to see and focus on what should be moving and what shouldn't. THEN I practiced my solo 6 times. It's still ragged, but getting there. I've altered a few moves to ones that feel right, and am still working on memorising the moves I've assigned to the "improvise to the music" part of the solo...I'm not good enough yet to do that.
I watched the few performance pieces on the DVD and was blown solo is not even close to that cool...and a different style. It gives you something to shoot for tho. I hope mine can be even 1/5 that good. I usually do dance like noone is watching...but soon someone will be. Lots of I kept practicing.
Then I looked at my was 12.
Oops. I did the yoga cool down and prepped for today and went to bed.
This morning I slept in and came to work. My muscles have that used feeling, but they are getting stronger. My back is a bit stiff from the chest lifts, but, nothing too wierd. I'm hoping the drilling will help get more of the whole "wax on wax off" thing going with my muscle memory. I am determined to do well on my solo...and so I am practicing every night this month until then...we shall see.

Music to drill to: Ott - Blumenkraft
(awesome ambient dub...a touch of reggae and ethnic. Love this album)

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