They weeble and they wobble but they don't fall down

This morning I got up at 5:15 and did my yoga conditioning/bellydance drills DVD. The full yoga warm up is good - I had time for it today. It is 20 minutes and has a number of poses and transitions to build leg strength and balance. I'm still really wobbly, so hopefully I can keep getting myself up early enough to do the 10 minutes extra of the long warm up. The drills were challenging as always, and I can feel the muscle groups I used, but I can do more than last time...guess I must be doing something right. My tribal arms are looking pretty damn good, if'n I do say so myself. AND I can do shimmy's with height changes. Woot :)
Today I have a bellydance class after work. It should be fun. Wednesdays my class is right near my brother's house, so I get to pop in and see'd think living in the same city we'd visit more, but we're pretty much on opposite sides of the city, so I'm glad I have my classes near him - it's a great chance to visit at least once a week for an hour...sometimes I stay for supper too. It's nice.
Last night I made irish stew and soda bread for shamrock was yummy. I've never made soda bread before. I'm impressed - the recipe had some ground almonds in it. I think I will make it again. And the stew? Anything with beer in it is good :)
Well...I must be off. Much to do.
Have a great day :)


Redbush said...

Yoga is an exercise I haven't tried before, but hear that it's good for your muscles. Soda bread is something new for me, too. It sounds good, as does stew with beer!

carla said...

yeah still jealous of the bellydancing.

and still wanting a pic of the tribal arms :)