It's Over!

Well, the recital is over. It was possibly the longest recital in history (audio delays to start, and then some costume change delays...) but all the pieces went well, and my solo was fantastic. I was so pleased. Even the veil numbers went off pretty well. J recorded it all so I'll have a record of it for my parents who wanted to come but were down in toasty warm Nevada (lucky lucky...). Me hee...I am now officially a dancer :) As a bonus, my 2 sister in laws who came to see the show are curious about starting up the dancing too - that is very cool. The more the merrier! My one sister in law is on mat leave and looking for something fun to do to get back into shape and my other sis-in-law has a lot of health problems (she is a big girl) and I think moving more and feeling sexy is always a good thing :) I had a great time, and although I'll be glad to not have the crazy practice schedule I have had with the recital prep, I'll miss the girls in the group. I still have one tribal class left tonight, and then a few more classes in my regular belly dance class, but it'll be quite mellow in comparison to before.

Soon the great melt that began this weekend will be done and I can start running again - right when belly dance winds down for the summer. Perfect timing I think. I still have my 2 dance DVDs to keep up with things so hopefully come fall I can jump back in again -this time at intermediate level. My one teacher is moving away (sniff) so I'll have to find another Arabic style class to and interesting...onwards and upwards. It was nice enough that J and I could put on the rubber boots and go for a long squishy walk on sunday - spring appears to finally have crept back into the world. You can see bits of dirt through the snow - I do believe this long eternal winter may actually be coming to an end!

This morning I got up and did my Dance fusion DVD workout...the squats and lunges part was tough today, but the rest felt great. The sun is coming up earlier and earlier - I got to eat my cereal and watch the sunrise out the window before I got ready for work - that was a fabulous way to start the day.

And now - worky worky me. Bye :)

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Haley said...

Yay!! Glad to hear it went well!