Some new workout tunes

Well, my knees were sore so I took saturday off. Sunday, my husband was volunteering for Telamiracle (24 hour televised pledge drive) so I kept all manner of odd hours and didn't work out sunday either. We did eat well though, and I went out on the weekend to finally get myself a good pair of workout pants. I keep buying cheaper workout pants, and some of them are OK for yoga and bellydance, but when I try and run in them they fall down. Annoying (step step step yank up pants step step step yank up pants) to say the least. I splurged on a nice pair of reversible lululemon running/yoga pants. Pricey, but very good quality and comfy. AND they fit perfectly. For someone who is long waisted and short legged with a tiny waist and's hard to find workout pants that don't give me a muffin top or fall down. These fit nicely. I also love that they are reversible - cool waistband on one side and all black o the other. And free hem to perfect length (they cost enough I should hope they hem for free !). I can't wait to get them back. I also shopped for some clothes on the weekend and got myself some nice fitted casual shirts. It feels nice to go shopping and buy clothes that fit and look good and not just struggle and search for something that fits and settle on that. It feels good to look good - even if it's just casual stuff. Of course I'm not really into the back to the 80s stuff that's in vogue right now - I didn't like that stuff back when I was a trendy teen *in* the 80s so I'm not about to try it on now :)

I'm all hyped to get running, tho with the ridiculous weather this spring it won't be happening anytime soon. it is currently -41 with the wind, -31 without. In March. That is 20 degrees below normal. Lets just say it's not running time yet! Soon...
What got me in the mood for it is the new Prodigy CD. I like The Prodigy. Their album Fat of the Land is a favourite CD to run to. Their new album is a bit heavier than the last, but not angry...just thumping. The kind of music that makes you want to move. Three tracks on the new CD, especially the song Warrior's Dance, have me itching to run.

Tell me this doesn't make you want to run. FAST. Sometimes I hear a song and it just gets hard wired right into my brain...stuff that's too fast to dance to...but to run to? Bliss.

I got out of bed (oh how it hurt) at 5:25 this morning to do my dance fusion workout. I could tell I was was really hard to do the first part of the DVD...shiny spots and all - it took a bit for my body to get up to speed, but in the end, I finished it and stretched and cool down. Then, a healthy breakfast (Miniwheats. Mmmmmmm.....) and some coffee and I'm good to go.

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