tobogan party

Did I work out today? (or yesterday?)
I did go up and down a toboggan hill about 200 times friday night tho. I'm sure our 4 hour toboggan party was a fantastic workout (I managed to come out of it bruise free! I can't say the same for some of my companions tho). I know I was really tired after...the rum and hot chocolate was *so* good...according to this website I would have burned over 1000 calories at this...I do believe it's not entirely accurate. That would be insane. Anyone know how many calories tobogganing really does burn? (just nerdily curious...)
This morning I was also lazy...I was up far too late and I gave in to the duvet this morning...yup, I caved and slept in. It felt great, but I am very guilty now. I will be doing some extra drills and practicing after bellydance class tonight to make up for it.
It's funny how the relaxed weekend schedule screws up my desire to workout. I felt rather bummed out as I had a haircut booked (which always gets me in the mood to workout and look after myself) after way too long, but my stylist didn't show (grrr) so I missed out on that. It kind of put a crimp in my saturday. This weekend was lazy...I got a lot done, but not a lot of working out...Ah well, it's a new week.
Time to get on with it :)


Redbush said...

Wow! If you did that many runs up and down the hill, I'll bet you burned a lot! I try to do the treadmill for half an hour each morning, and some floor exercises. I like food waaaaay too much! I hate when you book a hair appointment, and they forget. Like you say, it gets you in the mood for the day, then when it doesn't happen puts you off!

MizFit said...

new week and now a new day :)

did you end up working out yesterday?

make a new haircut appt? :)