Nice weekend

Well this morning I was up and did my full yoga warmup and the drills for bellydancing. It felt good. It's less than 1 week until the recital.
I'm excited and a bit freaked out, but I have rehearsals 3 days this week and then class wednesday, so hopefully all that I crammed into my body and brain will somehow settle into place and we'll do great. I'm only in 3 pieces, plus the opening and closing bits, so I don't have as much as some of the more experienced troupe members...they're in 6 or 7 plus solos. Wow. I could have been in one more, but I'd backed out before as I didn't think I'd be able to learn 4 numbers by the original recital date. I probably could have learned it with the thing being moved ahead a month, but seeing as it's my first recital ever I'm pretty excited to just be doing this. I'm glad I signed up for my's made me concentrate and practice a lot. I don't believe I'd be half this far if I was just in some group numbers.

Over the weekend it was nice enough that we could go for some nice 1-2 hour walks. It even rained a lot sunday. I even had blackberries for breakfast sunday. It was a nice weekend... AND I finally ended up getting my hair cut on saturday after a few reschedules. I almost didn't, as the guy who usually cuts my hair was actually let go (for not showing up often enough) and so the manager of the salon had me in at the end of the day for a cut and color saturday. It's a nice shaggy angled bob, with my colour touched up to a nice dark brown all over the top again, with some bright purple chunks hidden underneath my hair that just peek out occasionally. Almost like they're not there...I love it. The bright colour will probably fade out soon, but I don't care. It feels good to have a definitive style to my hair again instead of boring all 1 length cut...and the color is fun too. Spring is (knock on wood) here so no more hats. Time for cute hair again. I even got a deal on the cut as I have had to rechedule and then come back again. I wa pretty impressed with the salon for making good on things. It's nice to see people take pride in their work and what they do...I mean it's just hair, but it makes people feel good. And all I had to do was just go meet a friend for a pint of Guinness for a few hours to wait and then come back. Working a pint into my day is definitely a good thing :).


Cynthia said...

There's nothing like a fun new haircut to perk one up!

Good job on the belly dancing! You sound like you will do great in your recital!

MizFit said...

(I need a new haircut!)

I also totally agree about working in the pint.
I know people slam me for this but everyone has their pint (from a candy bar to ice cream) and we need to fit it into our food plan or we rebel!!