Pucker up buttercup

Remember when you were little and you hurt yourself and your Mum would kiss it better?image source
Er...Yeah, that's not in the books at the moment...cuz, well, my butt is sore. My Mum loves me but even she has limits :)
Yesterday I had gotten up and done my dance fusion workout - lots of lunges and squats...and then after work I went to my tribal class, where we did a lot of taximes and shimmys...again with the buttwork. Then my craptastic luck had my bus drive right by me after class, so I had a brisk 20 minute walk to the nearest mall terminal where I could finally catch another bus home at the end of the day.
By the time I got home my thighs, butt and calves were just done...they had nothing left. IF I had a useful bathtub I would have just soaked for a while. As it was I did some stretching and went to bed.
So of course this morning I popped out of bed at 5:10 and went downstairs to do my yoga belly dance DVD...and picked the drills with lots of hip circles, hip figure 8's and shimmy's with level changes. Cuz, yeah, I like making my butt feel like it has been dipped in bronze. :) There was some good arm work too - and I did notice this morning that I have larger muscles on the front of my arms/shoulders that were not there before...so I suppose I'm doing something right. I'm able to hold the yoga poses a bit more evenly now and not just fight to not tip over and can do arm moves a lot longer than before. It's a start.
Add to it all the "helpful" cat yoga that my Maine Coone has been trying to do *with* me while I worked out today and it's been a busy few days. Tonight I think I will read and do laundry when I get home and try and invent new butt stretches...hopefully I am still reasonably unstiff then...we shall see
Have a good day all :)

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Cynthia said...

What is it with cats and yoga anyway? I swear, every time I pull out my yoga mat, it is suddenly occupied by THREE helpful cats.

Glad the recital went well!