Snake Charmer

This song is stuck in my head...especially after last night. My instructer was playing it while we did some drills...I like Bassnectar - he does good dance and dub music - I've seen him play sets a few times. He makes you shake your ass. :)

Tribal class was a blast. We put a bunch of moves together, with arm cues and drilled them. FOr some reason they just felt "right" and I got them right off...I had on my arm sleeves and scarf and yoga pants and top and I felt all sexy and swirly and just plain wonderful. We danced in groups, and (get this) the teacher let me lead one end of the class in the egyptian moves and turns. Considering my bombing of my solo on friday night, this was just the thing to boost my confidence.
I came home and attacked my solo, and hammered out the vague "improvisation" sections in the choreography so now I have moves to polish and study in stead of just trying to improvise them as the intrsuctor has there - I can do that fine at home, but in front of people? No way. I need the structure.

So I will practice. And I will rock the solo.
And now I must go rock the lab...


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