Practice practise do it again...

Another night of practicing. I went over my solo last night for an hour. Then the other 2 pieces I'm in a few times...I'm exhausting my muscles. Feels good.
I did some stretches and then was off to bed. Because it's another 3 hour rehearsal tonight I didn't work out this morning...I've noticed my knees are getting annoyed with me so I don't want to make them unhappy...I'll still practice a bit on my own at lunch tho. I vowed to practice my solo every day this month. That way if I still bomb on the day of, I tried all I could and will feel good about it all.
I just don't have the graceful flourishing arms I wish I's a learned thing I know, but I'm taking ages to learn it. I see people who've been dancing for 7 years and expect to be that good right away - silly I know.
I am getting better tho. For me, I tend to overdo moves and bounce about. I'm trying to be more precise and graceful.
Heh...if you know me you know graceful is not exactly a term you would use to apply to me...but I'm trying. Wish I could learn faster :)

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