Movin on up!

Haloooooo there :)

This morning was good - I got up at 5:20 and did my dance fusion workout, stretched out and had a yummy bowl of pumpkin flax granola and some grapefruit juice for breakfast. So far I haven't skipped breakfast all month.
Last night I had a great tribal class (we drilled old moves and learned a new chest isolation and a move called the "choo choo"-hee hee) and then got in a good hour or so of dance practice after that when I got home, as well as catching up on some chores. Even rebooked my haircut for saturday.
AND...this morning I shovelled snow before I left for work too.

Image: Natalie Dee

Yes people.
It's true.
I am awesome.


PS...found an Irish saying that fits the greenness of the day:
One must pay health its tithe.

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