owie owie owie

Heh, after doing stomach and arm drills in the morning, guess what we did in class? Yup. More of the same. Worked all 3 ab muscle groups separately...and upper and lower back.
Of course I pushed myself, and the muscles in my back and upper abs are still stiff today, tho not as bad as they were this morning or last night. I did get to do a run of my solo before the beginner class (a "sneak preview" of the recital) and I aced it...that felt good. The last time I did it I wasn't feeling well and I bombed it...it's nice to know all the practicing has paid off. Last night I was so stiff that I actually sucked up to J to get him to rub my back a bit and used the hot water bottle on my back to ease out the stiffness...times like this I really wish I had a decent tub for soaking. Ours is little more than a puddle as the original owners put the overflow too low...not very therapeutic.
This morning I couldn't work out...too stiff. Sitting up to get out of bed was a victory :). I did a bunch of stretching instead. I still had breakfast, but it wasn't after stomp dance fusion workout I had planned for myself. That would have maimed me I'm sure...
I will do some practising tonight, though. I must. Particularly as I have decided that I will not be able to make my recital rehearsal tomorrow night. I have decided that my life takes precedence over rehearsals this time- I've got a hot date with this guy I married who I haven't seen enough of lately :). My life is out of balance, and right now time with J beats out rehearsal hands down...it's a shame it's gotten to an either or thing but I've got J around forever-the recital will be over after the 28th.
Priorities...tricky. Cranky Fitness had an article today about a woman who booted her family away for a month to go hard core into fitness and exercise. It really got my mind whirling...I can see why she would do this. I know sometimes it's hard to strike a balance between putting yourself and you wants/needs first and putting your marriage/family/job/life first. Too many balls to juggle. Someone ends up feeling cheated. I know for me this classes 2 nights a week with at least one 3 hour rehearsal a week (usually friday nights...grr) has taken it's toll on my sanity and eaten into the little spare time I have with my husband...made me feel guilty, and feeling like I'm being too selfish. It's the reason I try not to ever take work home...my home time is precious to me. J and I do everything together...I've been missing him. So, priority check. J first...
I have 3 recital practices next week before the big to do on saturday...I haven't missed one yet, so I figure they can do without me just this once. If they try and guilt me I'll just smile and say buhbye. Life is too short...

I have been loosening up as the day goes on...still a dull ache in my abs, but the rest of me is stiff, but much more pliable. Hopefully by tonight I'll be good to go.
Must go. Lots to do...


Haley said…
Yup, the juggling is tricky for sure. I'm trying to be better about seeing family more than I have in the last month -- I think the lack of prioritizing emotionally sustaining things in my life (as opposed to financially sustaining) has made me a big stress case. Have fun with the hubby -- you deserve the time together. :)

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