Please help the nerd I'm going to admit something here - I have a sportswatch and don't know how to use it. Yup. I can (and have) extracted and sequenced parts of my own DNA, but cannot figure out the whole lap split function on my watch. And I want to know how to this summer.
I threw out the manual years ago when I got the I didn't run back then or think I'd want to use it then.

Why do I even have a watch with lapsplit and all that jazz then?'s like this: as a labrat I need a timer (the ones in the lab are always cacking out on me). I have a thing against purely digital watches, so I also want a face with arms...and a backlight...and an alarm (soI remember to take my pills). The backlight lights up the face of my watch for 5 seconds when I tip my watch towards...when running in the AM this is great, for me to see how much longer I must keep running in my 6 minute run/2 minute walk thing I like to do (not so great when developing x-ray film...but you learn...). As a bonus the watch is waterproof. Yeah. All that and a cupcake. I love it. SO, ever since I graduated to the land of birthcontrol and real laboratory work I have had a Casio Illuminator watch. Big and clunky and not girly, but I luvs it.

This summer, once I get back up to running my regular "gauntlet" ~6.5 K route, I'd like to take sections and see how much time it takes me to do THAT part...and see if I can change actually track my speed. I want to try and improve my speed, not just my distance. I know my knees bother me if I run more than 6-7 K every other day, so rather than go for longer, I'd like to train for on running *better/stronger/faster*.

And so, oh great webbyworld, I am putting my neck out and asking - does anyone know how to use the lap split function on a trusty old Casio Illuminator sportswatch?
I've pushed random buttons a lot stuck my tongue out and can to where the laps start (I think) but I freely admit I have no idea how to make it work.
Can any you give me the 5 cent course?
...or at least tell me where I could find a copy of the user manual :)

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