I crawled out of bed this morning at 5:20 and did my dance workout DVD. It was really hard to this morning...I kept getting light headed. You know that feeling when you stand up too fast? Yeah that kind of feeling. it was weird. I finished the workout and the cooldown too, but I did have to pause a few times until the sparkleys went away...I'm chalking it up to a very lazy weekend and having a few beer last night. Beer makes workouts really does.
Tonight it is tribal class, plus practicing my solo. I butchered it in front of the class on friday, and I realised how much work I have to do on it. The recital is at the end of the month, so I have to practice every day. I do not want to suck like I did at practice (it was embarrassing).

Off to the lab. Much to do. Bye :)

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