So cold...

It was so hard to get up this morning. I was up late and it's been unseasonably cold as of late (new cold record temp yesterday...) so getting out from under the duvet is very hard. I'm always cold, and getting up to a cold house is never easy. Thankfully the cold snap is supposed to end this weekend and we'll be back to seasonal norms...I can finally (knock on wood) put my skipants away.
After a few snoozes, I managed to talk myself into it all this morning (thanks Mizfit for the topics on your blog this month - thinking of them gave me the final push out of bed). I went downstairs and had a go at the advanced drills on my bellydance/yoga DVD. They're pretty tricky chest and hip isolations. I'll have to work on them a lot. It felt good to work out...I'm building muscles in my legs and calves that I've not had before...hopefully I'll get stronger as I go. Now I'm just stiff... I didn't do them all with the most style and finesse, but it'll take time to build the muscles up. Some motions use very specific muscle groups, so it's tricky to get the hang of it...but soon I'll be waxing on and waxing off with the movements :)
Tonight I actually don't have anything to do...just a bit of bellydance practice. Yay :)
It's been a busy week with something every night, so I'll be glad to just be home. Think I'll drink tea and relax. I don't have recital practice tomorrow, as it's been moved to sunday, so the weekend will be full, but the next few days more mellow...I'm looking forward to it.

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Donn Coppens said...

I am so SICK of Winter..please stop reminding me about how cold it is.

btw I have been doing some forward thinking and it seems obvious that the Prairie Provinces need to form one Province. Now I know that Alberta is 'busting' again and many young people may return to Newfieland, Sasquatchewin and Manihoohaw...but that's not enough.

Alberta will say piss off we've got billion$ sacked away from the Tarsands..and they don't feel guilty about having the filthiest earthraping hole on the planet either..
but that still leaves us with 2 MILLION salt-of-the-Earth souls in Sasquatchoohaw.

Wanna sign my petition?
Yes I am switchin' to decaf.