Ah...how refreshing

I've been away on a lovely romantic weekend away at West Ed fantasyland hotel...We had a great time staying in polynesia...with their giant rock pool jacuzzi tubs and attached mall where they make the finest avacado bubble tea.
No exercise of the conventional sort while we were away, but we had a great time in our theme room with fruit juice, wine and cheese and grapes...Madagascar green peppercorn cheese and grapes and Gwertzemeiner are wonderful together.
And I tried deep fried pickles in a pub. They are surprisingly good with a pint of bitter.

So altho I confess I've been a slacker this weekend...I don't care :)
I'll be back at it tomorrow, but for today...it's still cream coffee for me.
I've got the day off, so I'm trying to be good and doing a few useful things about the place so as not to feel *too* lazy, as my husband is stuck on nights this week seeing as the soulless corporation he works for doesn't give him today off. While away we picked up a book of short stories by Neil Gaiman (a favourite author of mmine), and once I've made some sort of supper I do believe I'll stick my nose in there for a bit.
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.



the Bag Lady said…
Ha - I knew it! Read your other blog first and knew from your brief description over there where you had been!! hehehehe
Scrumpy's Baker said…
Oh I LOVE fried pickles dipped in ranch dressing. There's a movie theatre here that serves food during the movie. They have the aboslute best fried pickles.

I'm jealous of your weekend, it sounds fabulous!

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