Make with the loss already

Yesterday was a looooong day. I'm tired.
I slept in a bit but I still got up to do my ball workout and have some toast and I have a healthy lunch - tuna salad wrap.
I'm getting annoyed, as my workouts are getting better, but I'm still not losing any weight at all. I guess I have to start addressing what I eat more. I've been avoiding it, as I'm eating healthy...I think I just need to cut back a bit. Just a loss that would stick around would be nice...
The whiny side of me says "I don't want to go on a diet!"...and I don't. I hate counting calories and obsessing about food... But after my weekly weighing this AM I realise that I still haven't lost the few pounds I gained over the holidays.I know working out builds muscle, but still...I with I could make with the loss already. It doesn't help that the elliptical and squatting have been shaping up my butt a it feels bigger, even though it's just firming and toning up.
Ah, I'm just tired. I have to keep at it and not snack away all my hard work.
Off to work!

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