All Systems Are Go Go

Although I was bad and made lots of cheese sauce yesterday (cauliflower on its own is just not the same...) I was generally healthy all weekend and this morning was up and good and did my 30 minutes on the elliptical. I've decided that Feb. is a new month and it's time I was stricter with I'm back at being diligent with exercise and food. Month starts are always so encouraging to me- it's a startover I can deal with...and somehow I need a little kick every few weeks to be good in the winter. Otherwise I'd just hibernate :)

It helps that I hit up the mall and picked up a few new things to workout I have to work out you see...gotta wear them. Sure my husband would love it if I wandered around the house in workout clothes, but I know I feel less silly when I *use* them :)

Here's to less hibernation and more rump shaking action.

Music to sweat to - Ursula 1000: All Systems Are Go-Go

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