The Year of the Bottom

Well, perhaps I shouldn't have made bread on the weekend. I made acorn squash bread and we've been devouring it like locusts...not the best way to lose weight. Ah'll be gone soon :) And it was minus bazillion degrees, so I had to do something to keep occupied. I cleaned out a whole room in my house over the weekend and just couldn't do anything more "useful"....I love to bake when it's cold outside. Warms the house, is fun *and* you get to eat the results of it all. Perfect :)

I got up and worked out this morning - 33 minutes on the elliptical at resistance 3 and 15% incline. I had to back of fto resistance 2 for 5 minutes in the middle, but I managed to push through and ramp it back up at the end. And then I did my lunges and squats and side curls, using my 3Lb girly weights. What was I thinking when I figured 20 would be easy? Sheesh! I did 20 squats and it nearly killed me (I had to break them up in to 2 X 10) and then forward 10 lunges on each side - total 20 (or is it ...I'm wondering now it was only 10 on each side and if I have to do 10 more think?) really burned towards the end! I stretched out rather well after, but I do think I'll be a bit stiff tomorrow. I thought "oh lunges look easy - no prob!" Heh...I have learned :) But I'll keep up at it. My bottom needs some special attention...and seeing as it's my problem area and I can never seem to get it as toned as the rest of me, I'll give it some extra tough love this year and see what happens.
This year - is the year of the bottom.
Oh yes...I shall prevail :)

Torture Tunes: The Prodigy - Fat of the Land


Scrumpy's Baker said…
I would love to get your recipe for the squash bread as long as it isn't an old secret family recipe. :)
the Bag Lady said…
This is the year of the butt? Or is the year of the ass? Year of the Rat's Ass?
Bag Lady is so confused...

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