Great workout

It's wierd.
They say alcohol is supposed to make your exercise harder the next day. Usually this is true for me, and I definitely don't lose weight when I have a beer often, but yesterday was a goodbye beer and snacks after work for a coworker. There was 2 pints of ale and nibbled at nachos for me. I didn't have much for supper either besides some ryvita with salsa on it and some fruit as I wasn't really hungry.
My husband made us the salsa on ryvita when he got home from work...he was very pleased to make *me* a snack. It was quite cute. And tasty too...I know I have to really take myself to task and watch what I eat more closely if I want to lose the last 8-10 pounds I want to shed, but I dont' want to get wierd about food like I used to be. I hate counting calories and weighing food...I get obsessive about it.
And (unfortunately?), I do like a nice red ale once in a while.

...yet despite being quite giddy by the time I got home yesterday, this morning I rocked the workout world. I expected doom and 35 minutes of hating it this morning, what with the beer and bad supper, but it was quite the opposite. This morning (after a great sleep) I did the entire 35 minutes at resistance level 3, incline 15% and aeven pushed myself at the end to see how long I could go full out...and did until the end. The robot in the elliptical says I burned 528 calories. I feel great! I can't quite figure it out, but I can't complain...I'll take it :)
It's good to feel good.
And it's friday.

Music to rock out to: Collective Soul - Collective Soul


Scrumpy's Baker said…
Maybe your body just needed a little shaking up! I'm hoping my trip to Marble Slab last night for sweet cream ice cream with oreos and raspberries mixed in has a similar effect of mine. :)

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