parents are home!

I got up this morning and worked out - I tried to be quiet as my parents were here visiting over night, so the music was's not as much fun working out with quiet music. I did 37.5 minutes on the crosstrainer at resistance 3 and 15% incline and stretched out afterwards. I was going to do some curls and lunges but my parents were up and talking to me as I stretched, and it just seemed a bit too weird to lunge and squat in front of my Mum and Dad while talking to I did a few stretches and hit the shower and had breakfast with them after. The robot in my machine says I burned 545 calories and went ~ 4 miles so I'm happy.

I was talking with one of our grad students the other day. She's the same age as me and runs a lot, even in the winter. Her and her husband do a lot of 5K runs and she's finally getting back at it regularly now that the weather is a bit milder. She was telling me about the lower end Garmin GPS pedometers and now I'm itching to get one again...not the high end 405 model like I was looking at, but she said there are a few out there for about $150-$200 that you wear like a watch and you can track your route, speed and length of run by hooking it up to a computer, with the GPS models it'll even map out where you sounds really cool. Now I think I want one again...I'd love to know how long I run and my pace of running when I do it.
I'm itching to get to running again...the sidewalks are still wickedly icy but the walking paths near the river are getting better...

Not soon enough :)

Workout music: U2 - Achtung Baby

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That is great keep on keeping on!!